Stained glass of someone at Confession


Confession can truly be a beautiful thing if we realize the greatness of this Sacrament and God's mercy.   Sometimes it is difficult to prepare for this Sacrament as we don't have the right resources to guide us.  Hopefully some of the sites on this page can help you and bring you back to wonderful gift from God.  Do not be afraid, for God is merciful and gracious. 
The following two websites will allow us to properly prepare for this Sacrament and broaden our vision to what God is calling us to:
The Sacrament of Penance: Examination of Conscience by Fr. John Trigilio which can accessed HERE.
The Examinations of Conscience that is found on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website which can be accesed HERE.  
This website contains specific Examination of Conscience for Children, Young Adults, Single People and Married Persons.
You can also find a PDF of the Primer for Confession that we have handed outat the parish HERE
I would suggest using this thorough examination of conscience, found in this excellent CONFESSION RESOURCE which also has "how tos". You can also pick up a copy at the Church. 
the cover of a confession pamphlet, person kneeling asking for mercy
Are you looking for apps to help you with Confession? Look no further! Here are some suggestions:
For Apple users, try "iConfess", found for free at the App store. This provides a solid examination of conscience as well as some great resources. More info can be found at
For those of you who are using an Android system, consider trying "Confession Guide" which can be found for free in the Google play store at
Confessions are heard at the Parish on Saturdays at 4:15 or by appointment.