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Catechesis Corner: Who are the Saints in Eucharistic Prayer 1?
Catechesis Corner: Who are the Saints in Eucharistic Prayer 1?   Fr. Maderak always uses Eucharistic prayer 1...
painting of saints in Eucharistic prayer 1
Patricia Connors deceased
Death Notice - Patricia Connors
The Following Parishioner has recently passed away:   Patricia Connors December 18, 1940 - August 8, 2023 Viewing will...
The Trinity by Rublev
This Trinity Sunday, Deacon D'Paiva mentioned one of the most famous pieces of art depicting the Trinity...
3 angels sitting around a table
Smiling older woman
Death Notice - Bernarda Timordidio
The Following Parishioner has recently passed away: Bernarda Timordidio April 12, 1936 - May 31, 2023   Viewing will...

The Veil Removed
This beautiful video shows us a visual representation what truly happens at every Mass.
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a family watching Catholic content
FORMED is an extensive online library of the greatest Catholic content for you and your family to enjoy. With your free access to FORMED, 24/7 on your smart phone, computer, iPAD, or Kindle, you have access to inspiring movies and books, audio talks and dramas, bible studies and more from over 60 partners and growing. Also included are children's cartoons and animated movies for children. Some content is also available in Spanish. In a world where media has such a big influence on ourselves, our families and not to mention society as a whole, wouldn't it be wonderful to fill ourselves with solid, entertaining and faith-filled content? Please sign up for free by clicking the sign up button. Sign up as a parishioner and simply type in our postal code, M9N 2B4 to be signed up under our Parish. You won't regret it.
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Join in the Prayer of the Church!
Have you prayed the Liturgy of the Hours before? This prayer, also called the Divine Office, is prayed not only by clergy and those in consecrated life, but has now began to be prayed by many lay people. This ancient prayer allows for the whole day to be covered with prayer, as it is prayed at different times and all over the world. It focuses on Scripture (particularly the psalms) and includes other spiritual writings. You can pray all or some of the hours. IBreviary is a wonderful site, which will lead you through the Liturgy of the Hours and is also an app that is available for download on all phone and tablet platforms (and in different languages), making it easy to pray every day. Join the Church in this beautiful prayer.
Click here to pray
tan coloured page with the different language flags for this app
Jesus preaching to disciples with hand raised
Do you find yourself needing some guidance or direction when you are praying? Consider downloading a wonderful free app from the Augustine Institute called AMEN. Father has previously mentioned this app. This very Catholic App contains traditional prayers, reflections, meditations, daily readings, Bible readings and much more. Brought to you by the Augustine Institute, the same people who bring us FORMED, this app truly can help you to further enhance your prayer time. Content can be downloaded, allowing you to play the Rosary, Litanies, Mediations, readings and much more while driving without having to worry about using your data. More information can be found at the website below, and the app can be downloaded free of charge on both Apple and Android devices.
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