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Posted : Apr-16-2023

So many preach in the world today that Science and faith are contradictory fields and contradictory beliefs.  This is particularly true for those who have made Science their God and refuse to see how Science is compatible with Faith and in particular the Christian Faith.  This is erroneous.  God knows and loves His people and wants His people to have the proofs that they desire- however, in free will, it is up to us to accept these proofs and know that they are God's mercy in action, giving us the chance to use these scienfic proofs to allow us to believe in Him and accept His grace and turn to Him.   Again though, it is our choice to believe and accept the truth or reject God.  

I spoke about the Eucharistic Miracles in my homilies of the past week.  I invite you to visit the webpage put together by young Blessed Carlo Acutis, which gives all the information that is found in the "Eucharistic Miracles of the World" exhibit which travels from parish to parish worldwide.  This is an exhibit that is approved by the Vatican.  You can visit the website, which is available also in numerous other languages, HERE.

I also invite you to watch this fascinating video which features Fr. Robert Spitzer speaking about the science behind the Shroud of Turin, which gives scientific proofs of the resurrection.  You can access the video, HERE

Finally, I invite you to bookmark the website for THE MAGIS CENTRE which is a site where you can, "Discover the intersection of science, reason and faith". 

It is my hope that you will share these sites with many and show that indeed, science and faith do not need to be enemies, but rather, science is a gift from God which can be used for the His Glory.